EvRiventure - WHIRL ZOOM

The Easiest Way to Navigate

Zoom In and Out - Without Bound

Singe finger phone control

What is Whirl Zoom

Whirl Zoom - a better way to navigate your phone

How many hand do you need to navigate your phone? Can you zoom in/out in application with a single finger? Can you hold your spot on the map when enlarging/minimizing it? If the answer is no - you should try the Swirl-Zoom!

What the Swirl-Zoom does:

  • Holds the spot 
  • It’s integration panning and zooming
  • Single finger - navigation control
  • Single movement for mixed reality: twitch the element and drag it and zoom in/out with the same gesture.
  • Can be easily used with wand, pointer or controller 
  • No need for additional UI 

Swirl-Zoom can be used in:

  1. Smartphone applications: such as maps, browser, photos etc
  2. Smartwatch: can replace the rotary  knob (similar function to iWatch)
  3. Mixed reality gestures: same as with phone
  4. AR/MR gestures: same as with phone
  5. Car entertainment system: map navigation 

* United States Patent: 20150261302

Whirl-Zoom Demo

You can pan, you can scan, and you can swirl all in one in our WhirlZoom! 

You need only one finger to get it all from your phone.

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