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What is Haptic Band?

Haptic Band is a must have device for people suffering from motion sickness

Ever tried playing VR games and couldn't survive more than a few minutes? Perhaps you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms even when you are just trying on a VR gadget.

Are you one of those people who are avoiding sailing, a carousel ride or simply a car commute due to a sensitive stomach or a headache? Most probably you are suffering from a motion sickness.

We found a perfect solution for all of the above! A powerful but elegant solution that will significantly reduce the motion sickness symptoms and will allow you to do things you never could before.

Our Haptic Band is a sleek and lightweight device that can be worn independently or integrated into most of the VR googles. 

EvRiVenture's Haptic Band is perfect for:

-  Comfortable VR experience, without motion sickness 

    for immersive Virtual Travel, FPS, RPG, eSports, War Games and Drone Racing 

-  Reducing motion sickness in real life – for car, boat or airplane travel

-  Can also be used for relaxation and meditation