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EvRiVenture Inc. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA 


We invent. We create. We develop.

EvRiVenture is an innovative tech-startup in the filed of entertainment consumer electronics and mobile apps.


We are focused on improving people's experience with our modern life products. It's expanding our horizons and making the consumers happier.

EvRiVenture Team

Eugene Fainstain

  • Founder and CTO
  • Principal Member of Tech Staff at AMD
  • Former founder of HiAlgo Inc. (acquired in 2016)
  • Senior Staff Image Scientist at CSR 

Margarette Ell-Kesselman

  • Founder and CEO
  • Co-founder at Care Diagnostics
  • Senior Program Manager at Invitae
  • Consulting PM at NetApp, Europort
  • Program Manager at CSR

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(650) 390-7150


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